Multicultural wedding

Real Wedding Priya & Reynaldo in Paris

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of planning P&R’s wedding. It was a colorful wedding that we enjoyed organizing! So, we wanted to look back on these beautiful moments on our blog 😉

Multicultural wedding

Les préparatifs

Priya & Reynaldo reached out to us in February 2022 for a wedding in June 2023. So, we had about a year and a half to plan their special day, which was not too much for a wedding of this magnitude! Indeed, it was a destination wedding (link to the blog post on this topic). The couple lives in the United States and, loving France, it was only natural for them to want to get married here.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with P&R during our various exchanges. Always enthusiastic, the preparations progressed swiftly with new ideas emerging as we discussed the details!

What we loved: P&R decided to incorporate various unique entertainment options that we don’t often see. This allowed us to discover new high-quality vendors 🙂

The inspirations

Priya wanted a colorful wedding that honored her Indian heritage. To achieve this, we focused on floral decoration. It brings a lot of joy and vibrant colors while remaining understated and elegant.

As their celebration spanned several days, we were able to use a wide range of colors to best satisfy their wishes. Each highlight of the wedding had its own unique decor, while, of course, adhering to an overarching theme.

Wedding moodboard

The ceremonies

We find the various highlights of a Hindu wedding in India:

– Mehndi: The Mehndi takes place a few days before the wedding (or the day before). Close relatives of the bride and groom are invited to participate in this ritual of temporary body decoration, which involves applying henna patterns to the skin, typically on the hands and feet. The patterns often carry symbolic meanings. The groom’s initials are hidden within the bride’s henna patterns, and he must find them during the wedding night. The henna application process is considered to bring luck and prosperity to the couple.

– Baraat: The “Baraat” is a festive and joyful tradition in Indian weddings, primarily observed in Hindu and Sikh weddings. The Baraat is essentially the meeting of the two families just before the ceremony. Two processions form: one consisting of the groom’s close relatives, and the other with the bride’s close relatives. Participants in the groom’s procession, including the groom on a horse, dance to the beat of traditional music played by musicians. The Baraat procession, led by the groom’s family, heads to the ceremony venue where the bride’s family awaits them for welcome ceremonies. It’s often an emotional moment when the families meet and greet each other.

– Phera: The “Phera” is an important ritual in Hindu weddings. This ritual is also known as “Saat Phera” or “Saptapadi,” which means “seven steps.” The Phera involves the couple taking seven rounds around a sacred fire while reciting vows and prayers. Each round is associated with a specific vow that the bride and groom exchange with God and each other. These vows typically revolve around themes such as love, mutual respect, understanding, prosperity, and harmonious married life.

Multicultural wedding

The entertainment

As mentioned earlier, P&R opted for various forms of entertainment:

– Reynaldo hails from Honduras, and so the couple wanted to offer an evening with a Latin American flair, complete with taco and enchilada stands.

– An Italian ice cream stand: The couple loves it, and they wanted to provide this stand after lunch to refresh the guests during those hot days.

– A crepe stand: We find this idea very interesting to introduce this French specialty at your wedding! (So, you’ll understand that within the agency, we absolutely LOVE crepes).

– A cocktail bar: After dinner, guests were able to visit a dedicated area at the reception venue where a cocktail bar awaited them with a bartender serving unique concoctions!

– A live artist: During the ceremony, a painter created a live painting for the guests to enjoy. It’s always impressive to witness someone painting a scene in real-time, and it creates a beautiful and lasting memory!

The vendors

Venue: Château de la Trye

Photo: Emanuele Sironi

Flowers: Yuko

Caterer: Curry street

Culinary stands: Bilig Mobile

DJ: Dynamic Roadshow

Wedding planner & Design: Les Coins Heureux

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