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15 Things to Do a Week Before Your Wedding

1- Take a break

We often think about taking a vacation after the wedding day, but it’s just as important to disconnect from your daily routine and immerse yourself in wedding preparations a few days before. Consider taking a week off before the wedding to wrap up your final preparations calmly and have the last two days to unwind.

2- Break in your shoes

Wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time can be a bit painful. Now imagine being on your feet all day at the wedding with new shoes…

3- Follow Up with Late RSVPs

Contact those who haven’t responded to your invitations to confirm their attendance. This helps communicate the exact number of guests to the caterer.

4 – Prepare your speech

Utilize the free time and tranquility during this last week to write down the words you want to share with your guests and your other half.

5- Finalize Seating Arrangements

Based on guest confirmations, you can finalize the seating plan and placements. Also, get the last elements printed.

6- Pack for the Wedding Night

Whether you’re spending the wedding night at the reception venue or a hotel, pack your essentials, toiletries, outfits, etc. On the big day, you won’t want to worry about these details.

7- Create an Emergency Kit

Include safety pins, pain relievers, band-aids, hair ties, etc.

8- Spend Alone Time with Your Partner

Make time for intimate moments with your partner. A candlelit dinner or a leisurely lunch can help you escape the wedding buzz and the sometimes intrusive family members who might be around a few days early.

9- Meet with Your Day-of Coordinator

Whether it’s a close friend or a professional, reviewing the day’s details will ensure a smooth flow.

10- Have a Backup Dress

In case you want to change during the evening or, unfortunately, spill red wine on your dress. A backup dress is always a good idea.

11- Plan Your Beauty Appointments

Schedule your manicure, pedicure, and waxing appointments to look your best on the big day. Consider going the day before to relax and get pampered.

12- Check in with Your Vendors

Give them a call to go over key details such as appointment times, locations, remaining payments, guest count, etc.

13- Arrange Final Payments for Vendors

Prepare all the payments due on the wedding day, place them in envelopes, and entrust them to a trusted person who will handle them for you.

14- Coordinate with Your Wedding party

Similar to vendors, touch base with your groomsmen and bridesmaids about the meeting point, time, and their main responsibilities.

15- Confirm Hair and Makeup Appointments

Call to confirm the appointment time, location, and the number of people needing hair and makeup services.

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