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How to involve families in your multicultural wedding?

Use traditions and reinforce your ties with them

Multicultural weddings are wonderful opportunities to celebrate diversity and bring different cultures together in one union. However, organizing a wedding that harmoniously incorporates the traditions of each family can be a real challenge. Involving families on both sides is key to creating a sense of sharing and belonging. In this article, we will therefore present you some ideas and advice on how to successfully involve your families in your multicultural wedding.


From the very beginning of the wedding planning, it is important to communicate correctly with both families. Why not organize meetings to discuss the expectations and wishes of each family. Encourage them to share their ideas and voice their concerns. This will create an environment of sharing and mutual listening.

The right organization

Include your families in your wedding planning by giving them specific responsibilities. For example, ask them to contribute to the selection of traditions, outfits or even the music for the party. Involve them in decision-making so that everyone feels invested and valued.

The traditions

It is essential to highlight the traditions of both cultures at the wedding. Organize a ceremony that incorporates meaningful rituals from each culture, or organize multiple ceremonies so that each represents a culture. Encourage your families to participate and accept traditions that are not theirs. This will allow your families to share their culture and traditions with pride.

Pre-wedding activities

It is not mandatory but why not organize activities before your wedding so that your families can meet and bond. This can include engagement parties, simple moments of sharing or even traditional cooking classes. This will help families get to know each other and feel more comfortable with each other.

Sharing and learning

Encourage your families to share stories, explanations, photos or specialties from your culture. This information will allow everyone to discover a new culture. This will create an atmosphere of sharing and discovery that will allow guests to better understand the history and cultural richness of each family.

Multicultural weddings offer a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity and strengthen bonds between families. By involving your families in the planning, you will create a wedding that reflects the harmonious union of different cultures.

Communication, acceptance and sharing are essential pillars for a successful multicultural marriage. Together you will build a memorable wedding full of respect, love and cultural pride.

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