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Destination wedding : 5 expert tips

A wedding destination is a wedding away from home, when future brides and grooms wish to get married far from their region of residence or even abroad.

In this new article, we are going to give you 5 tips to make your Destination Wedding go as smoothly as possible!

1- Choosethe right destination

Choosing THE wedding destination means having the opportunity to choose any place on the planet. Whether you prefer a sunny place or more a winter wedding even a desert, beach or mountain wedding… if there is a place that makes you vibrate then why not tie the knot over there ?!

It is now increasingly common to see foreigners coming to get married in France. Our country offers a great diversity of options:

– French wedding in Paris, the city of love

– Wedding in the French Riviera, what could be better than getting married in Provence with the noise of cicadas in a sweet smell of lavender

– Wedding in a castle in the Loire Valley : Bridgerton atmosphere guaranteed !

– Or even a wedding in a magnificent wine estate !

2- Pay attention to procedures

When you choose your destination, remember to find out about the administrative and legal formalities to follow.

In some countries foreigners are not allowed to legally marry. In this case your union will not be recognized in the eyes of the law. This is called a symbolic marriage = it has no value other than sentimental.

Also consider VISA. To stay on a territory during the time of the festivities, some countries require the possession of a VISA or passport. In this case, your guests will also have to comply with the rules. It will therefore be important to prevent them all in advance.

3- Hire a wedding planner

Now that you have chosen your destination, we advise you to hire a local wedding planner. Do not hesitate to contact several of them, you must have blind faith in your planner.

A local wedding planner is a real advantage that I would consider essential in the organization of a Destination wedding. He will be your referent on the spot and he will be able to use his contact list of trusted vendors and smooth your wedding so much. The wedding planner is an indeniable asset for the your destination wedding’s success.

4- Anticipate: organization and guests

For any wedding, advanced planning is important and for a Destination Wedding it is even more important.

You will have many things to think about: not only the events which can be hold on multiple days but also transportations and accommodation for you and your guests.

Your wedding planner will help you on each step on the way by setting up a schedule of things to do and think about.

5- Arrive one week before

So that you can rest and recover from Jetlag (if there is any) before the big day, we advise you to arrive a few days before the festivities. (a little extra advice: if you travel with your outfits, keep them with you! It would be an extra stress if the suitcase containing them were misplaced…).

During this short time, you will be able to make the final adjustments with your planner and the different vendors but also get to discover the wedding venue if you haven’t seen it.

This moment will be a real opportunity to relax and take a little time together before welcoming all your loved ones!

That’s it! You now know all our tips to organize your dream Destination Wedding ! If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to discuss with you 😉

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