Who organize my wedding ?

Hiring a wedding planner is about giving your trust, sharing your desires, but above all, it’s a human adventure‚Ķ

Your wedding is something we create together, I will be the shoulder to lean on, the ear to listen to your doubts, and the person who will find the solutions.

I am Deshani

I love cozy sweaters, my mom’s delicious dishes, morning sleep, and beautiful love stories…

Marriage has always held significant meaning for me; it’s a profound commitment and a remarkable milestone in a couple’s life. This condensed form of love that we spend months organizing, all for a few hours of extra happiness, has always had a magical effect on me.

It’s this love for weddings and the desire to share that drove me to create “Les Coins Heureux”

From selecting vendors to organizing the big day, and even managing guests coming from France and beyond, each step is crucial and shouldn’t be left to chance.

I’ve had to juggle between compromises and “heartfelt” expenses, choose between a princess or a mermaid theme, or even between sugared almonds and candies. But what I’ve truly learned is that you need to surround yourself, rely on people you trust, to focus on the positive aspects of the preparations.



My role

It’s about helping you organize the wedding that reflects who you are, the one you envision, whether it’s intimate, unconventional, barefoot on the beach, or amidst the snow in the mountains.

Being a part of one of the most beautiful chapters of your life is an indescribable feeling of joy that fuels me every day.